Scott Kinsey A.K.A. GOODFEAR

I am a Director, Filmmaker, Creative Director, Photographer and Principal at GOODFEAR in Los Angeles, CA.

GOODFEAR is a small creative agency that I formed in 2002 to assists clients in creating well designed experiences to connect with and engage their audiences. I develop original content and design for client products and campaigns. My background is in art, design and photography. I studied industrial design and photography in college. Love of ART and DESIGN has led me down the path working with large agencies, small design studios, post production houses and just about everything in-between. Through these experiences I decided to form GOODFEAR after leaving twohundredtwelve° the first studio I formed with my good friends and inspiringly talented peers. GOODFEAR is about taking some risks and being pushed by my fears and all of the things I have wanted to do creatively and in life. The end goal is doing what I like to do and having a balance of work and life. I live art, design and filmmaking… its the kind of thing you just can’t turn off in your head. Sometimes I feel like I am spinning plates but that is what I enjoy.



Filmmaking, Live action / CG Directior (DGA Member), Concept development, Motion Graphics, Animation, Broadcast Design, Visual Effects Compositing, Visual Effects Design, Editing for Broadcast and Film, Title Design, Branding, Graphic Design, Story Development, Strategy, Research, Packaging Design, Book Design, Identity/Brand Development, Logo Creation, Design Systems, Design for Print, Online, Interactive, Multimedia Environments, Environmental Design, Product Design and Photography.

Strategy and Planning-
Brand Development / Extension, Information Architecture and Design, Personalization, User Experience and Usability.

Web applications development, Front-end Development and Scripting, Web Production, Database Design, Mobile Applications.



Author / Designer / Photography
Booth-Clibborn Editions
published May 2008
(UP)Rising Sonz! www.uprisingsonz.com ISBN: 978-1-86154-330-1 304 p. Hardcover
This is a project I did with a good friend of mine and HUGE inspiration. Mark Felt and I Came up with the concept and began doing R&D and planning in 2006 and was published by Booth Booth-Clibborn Editions in 2008. (UP)Rising Sonz! is an homage to some of the colorful and inspirational people that drive Japanese pop and subcultures by following their passions. The common language is art and the thread that ties them together is skateboarding. This book introduced me to many friends that I hadn’t met and exposed me to a Japan that not many people have seen.

Trace Magazine
November 2000 – November 2010
I was a long time contributor (writer / art direction and design / photographer) to TRACE magazine. TRACE is a transcultural styles and ideas magazine, a new expression in culture documenting the impact of the interconnected worlds of music, fashion, film, art, politics on today’s multi-ethnic youth.



Adobe, Apple, Apple Music, HP, Google, TBWA\TRUE, RAPP, Comcast, DIRECTV, FX Network, Directv, AT&T, INFINITY, NISSAN, MAZDA, eMotion Studios, T-19, Royal Hawaiian Pool Service, Origami Digital, COSMO Street, Black Label Skateboards, Girl Skateboards, Chocolate Skateboards, Vans, Cinimeo, Akoo, M-Venu, EMP/Project Lab, 5D Organization, Hydraulx VFX, LOLA VFX, Method Studios, Prologue Films, TROIKA, Kaleidoscope Films, Weezer, Coconut Records, In4mation, Aloha Army, Nike, WILSON, Tommy Boy Films, Epoch Films, Guidance Recordings, Orbitz, Andbook.com, Comcast, Jelly Belly, Kaiser Permanete, Asics, Disney Adventures, Target, ESPN, MLB, The NFL Network, G4 Network, Anymatic, Motorola, Respect Your Universe, (t)BTWN, To Live and Shave in LA, Hydraulx Filmz, Tackle Box Films, Weekend Offender, Snoop Dog, Mason Jennings, The Cullen Brothers, Project Woo, BOOM, FusterCluck, Farm League, Sling Shot Productions, BLT, Mindbomb Films, Nokia, Guerilla Hollywood, FIX (The Ministry Movie) and many more.



Scott Kinsey 310-907-8022
Skype: Goodfear